3 Years Later and I’m back

After disconnecting myself from social media, and shutting my blog down for 3+ years now, I’ve made a return, and decided to share what I’ve been going through.

It’s a lot to explain (a lot of real talk), so I will be sharing it through the following posts:

Dealing with Depression
how a lot of change in a brief period made me depressed and suicidal

Manifested Dis-Ease
dealing with the period from hell and deteriorating health

I do apologize for shutting down and disappearing.

Many people were concerned, some contacted my hubby to make sure everything was ok, but honestly, when the going gets tough, I deal with shit on my own, and prefer not having anyone involved.

Mostly because, I’m not the type to fish for reactions, or share anything negative going on in my life…
plus it would have been really depressing to see my status updates online.

Some brief updates…

After 6 years of living the condo/loft lifestyle downtown, October 2013, I moved to Durham region with the hubby and fur-babies after buying our family home.

Our dear Dota (our big boy doberman) passed into Spirit, this year on St. Patrick’s Day

While living downtown, I was meal prepping and delivery meals to clients, so after our move, I ended up shutting down my company Zanté Lifestyle.

On a Happy Note

I have been working on new content, which I’ve posted during my hiatus, and will be adding more content discussing spiritual awakening and sharing my spiritual journey.

New sections to the 2gurly4u blog include:
awareness – where you will find articles from spirituality, to yoga and meditation, to self-awareness

reviews – sharing my feedback on my favorite things

Browse around, catch up on what’s new 🙂

And please feel free to leave comments at the end of any posts you read. I would love to hear from you!

love, light & happiness,


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