About Grace Agosta

be inspired. be inspiring.
hello! I’m grace and welcome to 2gurly4u.com

a bit about me…
age: 30-something 🙈

birthday: may 10 / taurus ♉️

where are you from? born and raised in toronto
currently living in belleville

how did you get into cooking? I was raised in an Italian home, and began helping my nonna in the kitchen at a very young age; by my pre-teens, I was a latchkey kid while my parents worked, so I made meals for my younger sisters and myself;  in my 20’s I took a keen interest in my health and the food I was eating, and began my healthy lifestyle journey.

how did you get into nutrition? it started by coming across a holistic blog and was horrified by what I read about the food we eat.  I immediately switched to eating organic and took an interest in the benefits to eating healthy.

To further promote this way of living, I offered meal planning services through my (now closed) company Zanté Lifestyle, preparing health-conscious meals for clients with specific dietary needs.

By reading through these pages, I hope you find what you are seeking, and wish you a wonderful journey ♥


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