About Grace Agosta

be inspired. be inspiring.
hello! I’m grace… welcome to my blog 2gurly4u!

where you will find topics including spirituality, health and an archive of recipes.

age: 30-something 🙈

birthday: may 10 / taurus ♉️

where are you from? born and raised in toronto
currently living in durham

what is 2gurly4u? 2gurly4u is my personal blog where I share health-inspired recipes and articles.

I attended a yoga retreat, where I was so inspired and decided to share my research, knowledge and experience through the importance of living a balanced lifestyle.

venturing into 2017, I have expanded the content to discussions on awareness and self discovery, through my own Spiritual journey.

how did you get into cooking? I began helping my nonna in the kitchen at a very young age.
by my pre-teens, I was a latchkey kid while my parents worked, so I made meals for my family.  in my 20’s I took a keen interest in my health and the food I was eating, and began my healthy lifestyle journey.

how did you get into nutrition? it started by coming across a holistic blog and was horrified by what I read about the food we eat.  I immediately switched to eating organic and took an interest in the benefits to eating healthy.

To further promote this way of living, I offered meal planning services through my (now closed) company Zanté Lifestyle, preparing health-conscious meals for clients with specific dietary needs.

what lead you on a Spiritual path? I’ve always considered myself “Spiritual”, but after experiencing life’s turmoils, I took a break disconnecting myself form my blog and social media, and have devoted myself to this path. You can read more here.

what are your favorite things?  FOOD! (especially spanish and indian), kundalini yoga, yoga (ashtanga and hatha), meditating, kirtan music, spending time with my hubby, cuddling with my fur babies, chai lattes, hiking, reading, researching / learning, the color purple and coral, finding deals (I’m a bargain shopper!), laughing, singing, dancing, having good conversations, salt baths and nice people 🙂

Looking forward to growing with you ♥


What about you? Let me know who YOU are in the comments below!

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