Apple Walnut Yogurt

After Making the Switch to Organic, I’ve drastically cut down on my dairy intake (particularly Milk, Yogurt and Cheese).

I’ve learned Greek Yogurt is an amazing source for protein – I know, it’s still dairy… but I said I was cutting down my intake, not eliminating it completely… anywho, thought I’d give it a try, and alas this recipe was born.

Fairly simple. The Greek Yogurt I purchased was original (no flavor I guess you can say), which is a bonus, as I can do anything with it for future use.

I made a little homemade yogurt concoction, adding very simple but subtle ingredients, topped it off with some favorite toppings and the turn out was one great tasting breakfast!

Enjoy this as a mid-day snack, and get creative. Top your Greek Yogurt with fresh fruit and nuts of your choice!

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