Benefits of Neti Pot

Part of My Kriya Cleansing Techniques post, after Oil PullingTongue Scraping , Dry Skin Brushing, and drinking Lemon Water, I cleansed my sinus’ with this nasal cleansing pot, also known as the Neti Pot technique.

Now this was a whole new experience!
Like the feeling of water up your nose? Of course you don’t!
Now do it intentionally, flowing water up one nostril, making it go around your naval cavity and out the other nostril; sounds horrible, but the feeling after is amazing!

The Neti Pot is great for a number of things, including dryness of the nose, allergies, nasal symptoms including nasal congestion.

People turn to the Neti Pot when they get sick, but it is recommended in doing Neti Pot weekly, to avoid getting sick

I live in loft with concrete exposure, and the air circulation is dry and horrible to wake up to, so I use the Neti Pot 2-3 times a week.

This may sound deterring, but I had to perfect my tilt as I found tilting forward caused the water to hit my eye sockets (this  caused some discomfort) and if I tilted too far back, the water went down my throat. I got it after the 2nd try (*yay* me!), so the trick is to keep your chin tucked close to your neck and tilt your head to the side while slowly allowing the water to flow through.

Water and water temperature are also important.  I  use just a bit warmer than room temperature water, and the water should be distilled or previously boiled.

I also use (and highly recommend) the solution that came with my Neti Pot kit, as it softens the water.  My first try didn’t have any solution and it caused a burning/stinging feeling in my nasal cavity and between my eyes (not a very cool feeling, so just giving you the heads up!).

If you want to give it a go, ask your physician, or if you are comfortable, look up video tutorials on YouTube, or online.

Once you get past the feeling of water up your nose, and perfect your tilt, you will become a Neti Pot pro in no time!

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