Brown Sugar and Vanilla Quinoa

If there is one thing I enjoy the most, is a good nutritious breakfast bowl – and it doesn’t even have to be breakfast to enjoy.

Get creative and mix it up by using your favorite Seeds/Grains/Yogurt as a base, topped off with your favorite fruits, nuts, seeds… the options are endless!

If you like Oatmeal, check out my Apple Blueberry Oatmeal recipe, which guides you in flavoring your oats naturally (stay away from the processed junk you get in boxes *yuck*)
or, if you like Greek Yogurt, try my Apple Walnut Yogurt recipe – it is nommerific!

Feel great knowing how healthy you are eating, with bowls such as this Brown Sugar and Vanilla Quinoa recipe, or my Apple Blueberry Oatmeal or Apple Walnut Yogurt recipes.

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