Cheat Days

Do you ever find, when you are with someone who has decided to change their eating lifestyle, but down something that isn’t part of their “diet”, they immediately (without question) justify its their “cheat day”.

“Cheat Day” just sounds uncommitted and poor reasoning to eat whatever you want for an entire day.

Anyone who is on a “diet”, or as I like to say what you are eating, or those who have purposefully changed lifestyle to eating healthy can understand how hard it is to put a halt on favorite foods you’ve been eating for so long, so if you are truly 100% committed to whatever (healthy) foods you are eating, I suggest a “cheat” snack or a “cheat” meal.

I mean, why ruin what you are working so hard at, by easily giving in to food.
Are you that easily controlled? … by food?! (O.O)

Understandable, it’s easy to get off track over the weekend.
You attend social gatherings, and want to bond with family / friends, but if you are serious about healthy eating, than stick to your plan. Rather than going at an all you can eat buffet, select your food wisely, and portion control what’s going in.

Go to McDonalds and order a small fry, or eat a slice of pizza… but do not think of a cheat day as an all-you-can-eat binge.

Have a cheat snack, or cheat meal, but eat smart; eat enough to feel indulged, but not too much to set yourself back, or wanting more.

Planning your cheat meals also helps with temptation and keeps you on track for the week. For example, pass on the cupcakes a college brought to work, because you are going to dinner over the weekend.

For cheat snacks, you may find it easier to have a daily treat that is reasonable.
If its a sweet tooth you’re craving, eat your snack just before working out, so you benefit from burning the sugary calories during your workout.

Drink Water

Drinking water minimizes how much you snack and/or eat. True Story.

If you find yourself hungry, chances are you are bored. Your brain can’t tell the difference between hunger and thirst, so the next time you find yourself hungry, drink a glass of water.

It’s not the end of the world

People are pretty rough on themselves, and it takes a toll on ones mental emotional well-being, to feel guilty or disappointed for giving in to food.  Honestly, it’s not the end of the world, and there are no set rules you really need to abide by. 

If you made the decision to eat healthy, and are tempted by that red velvet cheesecake, just think to yourself, is it worth it?… sometimes even thinking about what something tastes like, can help get over actually eating it.

Don’t feel you need to justify what you are eating – you are only cheating yourself.
All you need to do is enjoy life and food in balance, without any regret!

What’s your go-to for a cheat snack or meal? Leave it in the comments below.

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