Chili Omelette

During my Operation Zombie Fit, I came across this recipe on Instagram from Mike Dolce of The Dolce Diet, and was quickly inspired to recreate his 6 Egg Chili Omelette.

It’s been over a year since I’ve made a drastic change in the way I eat, and by fluke I came across Mike while watching UFC, learning how he promotes and supports the organic lifestyle I’ve adapted to.

Like many people, I consider Mike a mentor through his Dolce Diet principles, and through his positive and informative approach, it only reinforces the wise decision I made into living lean.

Depending on how much you can eat (I was pretty hungry after OP Zombie Fit, so I ate half the serving), but I ate it along side some brown and wild rice, and a simple potato salad; this is packed with Protein, and consists of clean ingredients providing optimal nutrients, which was perfect for a post-work out meal.

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