Don’t like Brussels Sprouts? Try this!

Brussels sprout, either you love them or you hate them.

Growing up, I always had them boiled/steamed with a salt and butter, so I can image the turn off many of us have from the bland cabbage taste.

Even up until now, I’ve always thought it was “brussel sprouts” (lol) we learn something new everyday!

I love roasted vegetables and this roasted Brussels sprouts recipe will surely convert anyone to reconsider these cute lil mini-cabbage guys; I’ve managed to convert 4 people who didn’t even like them before.

I actually made this recipe by fluke, as I was preparing dinner one night and left them in the oven longer than I anticipated… little had I known, letting them brown, made them even tastier!

This is a simple 4-ingredient recipe, with items you would already have in your pantry.

Good luck taking them out of the oven and placing them in a serving dish, mine are half way gone by the time they get to the table!

[yumprint-recipe id=’35’]

Photo credit to: Dish Maps

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