The Four Phase Feminine

As my journey continues in finding our connection to Mother Earth, I wanted to introduce to you, the most simplist understanding in defining the synchronicity of our life cycles and the Earth.

In the midst of writing this article, I recognized that I was writing on behalf of the female collective; but, it became apparent that men experience these cycles, as The Four Phase Masculine…
so to the male readers, I invite you to read with an open mind, of this connection that is applied to you as well.

It has taken me 20 years to disconnect myself from many negative feelings I had towards my body, and the instilled fear like judgement and shame, that I had been raised with, and carried with me for the majority of my life.

It was only this year that I connected with a number of global sisterhood communities, and continue to connect with women from all over the world, who teach the ancient traditions of the divine feminine, to the spiritual practice of our synchronization with Mother Earth.

As I began to realize my emotions, recognize my behaviours and accept my body; it was through this new found understanding of how we actively experience and transmit our energy, hormonally, emotionally and creatively, that the light bulb lit up within, as I had that ‘a-ha’ moment.

This article is to piece together for yourself, and realize the synchronicity you (we all) have with the Earth.

Ancient History
The Four Phase Feminine dates back to 10,000BC, where characteristics are determined by our life cycles.
Previously the Triple Goddess, these rites of passage represent our overall life stages.

Our ancestors believed in the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother and Crone), where women had babies at 14, were grandmothers at 30 and died at 45. Over the last ten centuries, we live much longer than our ancestors, which has expanded into The Four Phase Feminine, introducing the ‘Maga’, which is between Mother and Crone.

Life’s Cycle
As a collective, our life cycles determine our characteristics through The Four Phase Feminine (/Masculine), representing our overall life stages through what are known as the rites of passage.

In simple terms, our life stage is something along the lines of birth to baby, to toddler, to child, to pubescent, to early adulthood, to adult, to senior, to old age, to death, to reincarnation.

Rites of Passage

Period of life from when we are born to pubery
Characteristics: innocence, purity, youth, wildness, carefree

Period of life from childbirth to menopause
Characteristics: nurturer, strength, responsibility, fertility

Period of life from menopause to old age
Characteristics: giving, community-minded, carefree, responsibility

Period of life from old age to death
Characteristics: wisdom-keeper, speaker of truth, inward-focus

Earth’s Seasons
Our ancestors also believe that The Four Phase energy reflects the Earths seasons.

Like our life cycle, the Earths seasons go through the cycles of birth, growth, full potential, dissolving, stillness, rebirth.

whether you believe or question reincarnation, this is the circle of life for all living beings.

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Think about the four seasons of the year and how you feel during that time.
Spring is the time for new growth, as plants begin to sprout, and become greener, or vibrant in color. During this time, our energy shifts to a more uplifting mood, from the cold winter we experienced.

Those in warmer climates, who do not have cold winters seasons, will still experience the shift of energy from Autumn, through to Spring.

Autumn, plants begin to decay and seem “dead” during the winter months, where we naturally become introverted, as many emotions during this phase, reflect from Winter energy.

The phase in which we experience switching from Winter to Spring is rebirth / renewal.

So while you may be a Maga for example, you will still experience the energy of the Maiden during Spring time.

With this new found understanding, it became clear that through our entire life cycle, we experience the same energies of Mother Earth and her seasons.

Maiden | Spring
Characteristics: new growth, warming up, playfulness, youthfulness, energy

Mother | Summer
Characteristics: hot, fun, outward, fast pace, lots of energy, creative, full bloom

Maga | Autumn
Characteristics: cooling down, moving inward, harvest, withering, pruning, decay

Crone | Winter
Characteristics: cold, seeking warmth, inward focus, healing and renewal

When you begin to naturally connect with your extended body, you will come to realize that nature is not an outer environment, but part of our very being – we are born from nature… we ARE nature. Our bodies are made of the very elements, minerals and energy that make up the planet Earth, which is why she is “Mother” Earth.

As women, these characteristics of the Earths seasons not only apply to our life cycle, but the menstrual cycle as well, cycling through the phases of new growth, to ovulation, to the pre-menstrual phase and degeneration, and back to renewal again.

This is discussed in part two, Moon Mapping Your Cycle where I introduce the synchronicity of our life cycles and Earths seasons to the moon.

– so male readers, if you are squirmish about the topic of menstruation, please don’t be deterred from reading on, as you will gain a better understanding to the cycles women face every month, and how these cycles resemble the characteristics of our physical and emotional patterns.

For the ladies, in part two, we go over how to become attune to the natural schedule of your body, and how to notice the patterns during these cycles and phases that you experience every month, giving you an understanding of your feminine energy and the characteristics you experience during your cycle.


After taking over a month to write this article, I wanted to be confident in sharing information I have personally noticed within my own awareness and perception to the change(s) I’ve experienced, and would like to give credit where its due.  The websites listed below, were used as reference that supported the research of this article.

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