Making the Switch to Organic

It’s only been a few months since making the switch to organic, and I’m actually upset it’s taken me this long to open my eyes and realize just what I had been eating all my life.

When I think about it, it’s quite sad how long I have been neglecting my body and overall health.  I found myself asking, why it has taken this long for me to figure out?

Subconsciously it’s at the back of our minds, but with a blind eye, we overlook what it is we are eating and continue with our ignorance.

If you actually take the time to think… really think about what is IN your food; majority of food ingredients you can’t pronounce and you most definitely cannot make in your kitchen.

Fortunately, we have an unlimited supply of resources available right at our finger tips – the internet.

I came across this website which featured articles and links upon links to content that just opened my mind to GMO, factory farming, the corrupt healthcare system, the government and watched many many documentaries.

Why?  I kept asking myself, why had I been blind-sighted to this and why did I not take the imitative to look into it and make a change to better myself before?

So as I ventured on my new beginning, I started off by wondering if I convert to becoming a vegetarian or vegan.  After doing some research, speaking to friends who are both, I quickly learnt of their differences and some do not strictly eat all organic foods.

It surprises me how food has such an impact on our lives.

Since making the switch to organic, I found I’ve limited myself to social functions, whether at a restaurant, or someone’s house, but I don’t want to be a complete hermit, so I try my best to attend certain functions, and order or eat the most healthiest option available; I will even speak to the waitress and ask if they do have organic options, or make arrangements to substitute certain ingredients if I can.

When I have to point out that I eat organic, I find the reaction from my family and friends are different, yet there is a certain curiosity that strikes them.

Here I’ve broken down the main reasons why I switched to organic and this may be of interest for you to do to better your health and lifestyle.


I want to nourish my body with the purest of foods.

If it is not labeled and certified “organic”, it will consist of artificial flavors, colors, additives, hormones, antibiotics, steroids, preservatives and so much more.

It bothered me that these huge companies pump out a crazy amount of food, filled with… well crap.  Nothing should be in our food period.  Why reduce something that is already beneficial on its own, by adding this crap in it?

As the saying goes “You Are What You Eat” – think about it; you eat crap, you are going to feel like crap.

If you slowly convert just by simply eliminating products that you use on a regular, you will notice a difference in your health, as you begin to wean off of certain foods that your body was working so hard to detoxify itself of.

Wonder why you get sick, have an upset stomach, suffer from headaches, can’t poop?  All these ailments, are tied to the foods you eat and your body overworking itself to eliminate the toxins  which you’ve ingested.

Have a look at My Kriya Cleansing Techniques to introduce ways to help detoxify yourself.

Supporting Local Farmers

A very large percentage of the foods found in grocery stores are GMO, from produce to processed foods.

I personally find it disgusting, and do not support establishments carrying foods which will cause other health related issues for me… no thanks!

St. Lawrence Market has become a weekly visit and it’s nice to speak directly with farmers and vendors knowing where the food is coming from and supporting their hard work.

I’ve recently attended Farmers Markets, whenever they popup.  It’s a bit difficult living downtown to have easy accessibility to a farmer, so if you live outside the city, luck you!  Take a drive to your nearest farmer and experience the great opportunity buying directly from the source!

Imagine how beneficial it is that you are purchasing pure, fresh food and supporting your local farmers!

Stop popping pills

When eating conventional foods, I was constantly sick with something: migraine, constipation, cold/flu, strep throat, allergies.

and I had a bad habit of popping over the counter medication to stop whatever ailment I was suffering from.

It got to the point where the meds I was taking would make me even more sick and I was popping more pills to counter the pills that were making me sick

How messed is that? it wasn’t a very pretty picture, and I was in no means going to support the Pharmaceutical companies and the Government by continuously purchasing pills that clearly do not work.

When making the switch to organic, I slowly converted by substituting foods and finally completing a detox to rid my body of toxins and start fresh.

Now that I am giving my body the proper nutrients I need, my bowels are normal, my migraines have become controlled, and more importantly the only “pills” I’m popping are supplements.

Out with the old, in with the new

First thing people think is that I must eat like a bird, or making the switch to organic, I must only eat dirty, yucky “earth food” (lol)

Truth is, since I’ve eliminated GM foods, and purchasing meat, more than likely from Factory Farms (how freakin sad!)

I’ve managed to rid myself of the bad and empty calories, and still eat the same, all while introducing myself to a wide variety of foods that are more beneficial to my health and well-being, compared to a toxin filled meal.

So all in all, I eat like you, just better (lol)

Making the switch to organic allows me to cook the same things as before, but with cleaner, healthier foods.

I love to cook, and truth be told, I cook better than most restaurants I go to, so I don’t really feel the need to eat out, or eat certain foods available to me when at a function.

I guess it’s mind over matter, just being able to control what I eat and thinking about what it will do to my body.

Just cause I can, I won’t

I was never big on fast food, so I can imagine how difficult it would be for people who solely live off of take out, but I can assure you, that once you prepare your meals and wean off of the “bad foods”, you’re body won’t even want that Big Mac or poutine.

I really hope this information helps you, providing a general understanding on reasons to making the switch to organic, and eliminating foods from your current diet, with healthier alternatives.

Good luck!

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