Mama Earth Organics Review

When I moved out to Durham, farmers markets had closed for the season, and I still wanted to commit my health to organic and local fruits and veggies, so I signed up to Mama Earths Organics food delivery service.

They provide different basket sizes to order (I’ll get into that in a bit), but my orders are usually different based on what I’ll be eating that week, if I’m juicing, and if I’m cooking for family/friends.

Thanks to Mama Earth, they introduced me to the Ambrosia apple, and I am now an apple snob.
Unfortunately, they are only available during the winter season, but if you get a chance, try an Ambrosia apple, and see for yourself!

What is Mama Earth?

Founded by Heather and Alex, like any hardworking startup, they actually started the business working out of their garage, and their goal (to this day), is to provide a service where members are able to access the freshest organic items available at a fair price, directly from local farms.

How Much Does Mama Earth Cost?

You begin by choosing a basket size, starting at $30; the bigger the basket, the more it will cost, or, if you add additional items, the cost goes up.

Yes, it costs more than fruits and veggies you get from your grocery store, BUT it’s safer, healthier and tastier!
Plus, I prefer supporting local farmers.

You can also swap out items if you prefer something else.  It’s based on a monetary value, so you can swap a $2 item for a $4 item, it would have to be $2 or less, or you pay the difference.

One thing I appreciate is not being committed to the service, or a specific basket, and not having to pay extra fees.

How Do I Order?

Once you’r registered, you can choose a basket, with the option to customize the items (as I mention above), and there is also an option to Skip a Week, which is really convenient if you don’t want a delivery for the following week(s) ahead.

You can also place items in a Standing Order option, which is automatically added to upcoming orders, so you don’t have to worry about re-adding it every week.

The Never Sends option, allows people like me who don’t like muck-rooms, to never see them in my basket… ever!

How Does Delivery Work?

Delivery is free with their minimum order of $30, and done once a week (on the same day), based on postal codes from Kitchener in the west, to Oshawa in the east, and as far as Barrie in the north.

My baskets were left outside my front door, so depending on where you live, you can leave instructions, or expect it at the front door.

Baskets are actually those rubbermaid containers (see my pictures below), and are total weather proof, should you not be home for a few hours.

How Do I Pay?

I was paying by cash on delivery, however they have since updated their method of payment to taking credit card.

Customer Service is on point, and speedy fast.
If you forgot to add something, or want to change an order you placed, you can easily fix it yourself or contact their super friendly Support Staff by phone or email.

Mama Earth Past Orders

Here are some of my baskets I’ve ordered through Mama Earth, to give you an example and showcase the quality and freshness.


Have you used Mama Earth, what did you think?  Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Kate says:

    I’ve been using another food delivery which I’m not too pleased with, so I’m going to give this a try.
    Thanks for the info!

  2. Becca says:

    I absolutely love Mama Earth! I’m a single mom, so using the service has reduced the time spent at grocery stores, and more time with my kids.

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