New Beginnings for a New Year

Wow, it’s honestly been 7 months since I wrote an update.

Well within those 7 months, a lot has happened – A LOT !!!

Been M.I.A

Some may notice my lack of engagement on social media.

I find it’s taken away the personal connection with family and friends.

It seems so easy to know what’s going on in someone’s life and their daily to-do’s, since posting status updates and photos of our every move is acceptable and easily accessed. Offline conversations usually include “you see what so and so posted?” or “so and so is doing such and such a thing”

Call me old-school, but I prefer seeing people in person, followed by the phone calls and text messages… although, a big pet peeve is being with a group of people, and they are all on their phones.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I used to be glued to my phone, but I’ve learned to put it down and appreciate the time being spent with others.

Anyway, this post is not to explain my love/hate relationship with social media.

Unhappy Holidays

Connie RusticoSo my family and I endured the most horrific and difficult holiday and end to 2013.

My mom suddenly succumbed to another brain aneurysm, which was worse than her first one 2 years ago, so my dad, sisters and I made the most difficult decision in our lives to remove her from life support and allow her soul to be free.

My sisters and I arranged a beautiful memorial service, which was held at Loft404 to commemorate and celebrate our mom’s life, as opposed to mourning and grieving her death.

I’m not sure on the total number of people who came to pay their respects but the entire venue was over flooded with family and friends (I think approx. 200 people came), and it was so great to see how truly loved my mom was.

It was difficult to set aside everyone’s (specifically family members) expectations of the “traditional” funeral, but after enduring an unforgettable holiday season, what anyone thought of my sisters, myself, or the service is their business and not mine.

My grandmother arranged a mass at her church a few days ago and I decided I would not be in attendance. My sisters and dad did not go either, and I expected it to raise a kerfuffle (which it did), but I do not owe anything to anyone on the decisions I make in accepting and moving on from my mothers passing.

Words simply cannot express what I’ve felt or what I continue to feel knowing that she is no longer here, but I am reminded of her presence whenever I see a butterfly, and have been keeping myself distracted and busy with work, as I want her to be ubber proud of my accomplishments <3

Helping Others

Happy beginnings are underway, as I am proud to be a Board of Director for She Has a Voice, an organization which helps girls going through addictions and abuse.

The arrangements in setting up this organization are in the beginning stages, but the concept is a 12 week program, with Professionals working pro bono, counseling these girls from the inside out.

My involvement in the program (on behalf of my company Zanté Lifestyle) will be discussing nutrition and healthy eating, along with cooking demonstrations, to promote a healthy lifestyle – so this is extremely exciting for me!

Busy Bee

My services with Zanté Lifestyle are definitely keeping me busy.

After my failing attempt to have my own cooking classes, I went back to the drawing board and restructured my services, including Meal Planning, which just took off and has been successful by far, so my time consists of market runs, cooking and delivering meals.

I’m actually considering redoing the Zanté Lifestyle website, but we’ll see.

My Wishes & Goals

I find I’m getting to the point with my Meal Planning service, that I will soon need to start a waiting list for interested clients.

Cooking from home only allows so much I can do, and more importantly store groceries and prepped meals, so my goal is to have a physical location where I can cook out of and store my inventory.

A few business opportunities have been presented, but in the end it all comes down to the numbers.

After banging out a solid business plan, expect to see me doing backflips the day the good news arrives that I’ve landed a kitchen !!! 😀

What’s Next…

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I’ve written an article, Love Yourself on Valentine’s Day so be sure to check it out!

Lastly, I’d like to clean up my existing articles, and am thinking of moving existing “switching to organic” articles to a general health category.

This decision is due to changes in my diet over the course of years and learning one does not necessarily need to eat strictly organic, so although I still purchase organic foods, one important aspect I’ve learnt is supporting our local farmers and buying local.

This is something I’d like to explain in a separate post, but until then… thanks for reading!

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  1. susan says:

    Thanks for sending your healthy receipes . I am in a rut cooking same meals and am looking for ideas .I feel we are definitely what we eat and regulates how we feel. I and my daughter are struggling with belly fat and are not knowing what to eat or not eat to .If you have any ideas on food plans I would love to hear from you. You are doing a great service by putting your expertise out there . THANKS

    1. Thanks for writing Susan!

      I actually offer Meal Planning services through my company Zanté Lifestyle, and will be more than happy to help you out with a meal plan that will help both your daughter and yourself.

      I’ll send you an email with some questions to get started, so I have a better understanding of your current eating habits, and goals 🙂

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