Open Face Veggie Sandwich

Ever feel snackish and just don’t know what to make?

I used to reach out for the chips, cookies, big feet candy (omg they were so good!! lol), but not anymore.
A snack to me, is now healthy wholesome, nutrient-rich foods, and alas, this recipe was born.

Like most recipes, I usually just whip something up with what I have available. The whole purpose of a snack is due to boredom… to satisfy the need to eat something (what you can do is just drink water to trick your brain!), but to really satisfy those hunger-pains, putting together something such as this, will definitely leave you satisfied!

At the bottom, you will also find instructions to my Hummus with a Twist recipe, otherwise, feel free to use a pre-made spread (just be sure to read the ingredients!!!)

You can also substitute the bread for Lettuce or Kale leaves for a raw veg experience!

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