Organic vs. Natural

Organic vs. Natural – a topic which I think is extremely important to recognize in knowing the difference between organic and products labeled as ‘natural’.

I’ll be honest, it’s kind of confusing, and political when it comes down to corporations and organizations verifying what is and is not organic, and what passes as natural, but if you are interested in knowing what exactly is IN your food, it’s all about the ingredients and certification.

Reading and Understanding Food Labels and familiarize yourself with ingredients you know and can actually pronounce.

What exactly is a natural product?

That’s what it is… a bunch of Hoopla!
Natural means nothing in the food industry.

I’ve said it time and time again…

Just because it says “Natural” does not make it organic.

According to the FDA, there is no requirement for food companies to list chemical contaminants found in their foods – amazing huh?

As consumers grow an interest in a healthy lifestyle and a demand for healthier foods, companies now push their line of products as “natural”.

Why?  because they know that many consumers think natural means healthy, and healthy sells.

Products listed as “natural”, “all natural”, or “100% natural” will still contain:
Pesticides, Herbicides, Toxins (such as heavy metals and flouride), MSG… the list goes on.

The Definition of “Natural” according to the FDA

Natural foods are processed without preservatives or additives, but may have been grown with the use of pesticides or other conventional methods. The term “natural” is regulated only as it applies to added color, synthetic substances, and flavors and can include free-range and hormone-free.

So if you haven’t concluded already, natural = hoopla.

Stay clear of natural products

With large food companies out for nothing more than your dollar, they take advantage with pretty advertising and marketing, making consumers believe a product is healthy, when in fact, it contains the same amount of crap as a conventional product would.

Perfect example
I attended a trade show with a girl friend who was looking for protein powder. Whey Gourmet had a large jug of strawberry banana protein for $20 and a significantly smaller jug (same flavor) labelled “naturelle” for $30.

My girl friend wanting to be health-conscious, said she will purchase the smaller one since it’s natural and “healthier”.

I looked at the ingredients of the 2 jugs and they were the SAME THING!! – only difference for their “naturelle” crap product was the use of cane sugar – WOW, what a difference!

This just goes to show how this company (and many others) mass produce their products full of crap, and by crap I mean all the sh!t that is processed, and then they have the gull to label their product “naturelle”, just because they used cane sugar (if they even used it!). Thanks but no thanks!

Big Food Companies are Corrupting Organic Foods

I’m sure you are familiar with brands such as Kashi, Odwalla, Bear Naked, Naked Juice, Tostitos Organic, Tropicana Organic and Honest Tea.

Did you know that Bear Naked, Wholesome and Hearty and Kashi are all owned by Kellogg’s, while Pepsi owns Naked Juice, Tostitios Organic and Tropicana Organic and Coca Cola owns Odwalla and Honest Tea?!

Did you know that Naked Juice and Odwalla both contain GMO’s?

Naked Juice and Tropicana were actually sued for using GMO’s in their juices, and advertising as “all natural” and “Non-GMO” – kind of a piss off if you really think about it.

It’s an insult to our right as a consumer to know what is in our food, and a slap in the face to our intellect and trust in these brands.

Large corporations such as Pepsi and Coca Cola (and so many others) get away with labeling products as “All Natural” or “Natural”.

Why? because they spend thousands to over a million dollars – OVER A MILLION dollars!! to defeat proposition 37 in the US, against GMO labeling.

These food companies oppose GMO labeling

These companies that we trust, and spend money on, clearly do not care about pumping pesticides, artificial ingredients, and pasteurized GMO’s into our foods, and sticking an “All Natural” label on it.
*argh* makes me so mad!! (>_<)

It boils down to you and your health. Take the time to research any so called “health foods”.

We have it so easy now, with the internet right at our fingertips; use your smart phone, research and learn about the food you are purchasing!

Even when shopping for food, and I come across a processed food item, I will Google that sh!t to ensure it is safe for me to consume!

These large food companies do not care about your health and that is why it is so easy for them to take advantage of your trust, because many of them turn out to be nothing more than a scam.

In conclusion

Don’t stress and think there is no use in Making the Switch to Organic.

In all honesty, if a product is processed, it’s not good for you anyway (we’ll touch on this subject later).

Be smart, be skeptical and read the ingredients by Reading the Labels.

Analyze the ingredients and ignore health claims on packages, this is after all your health!

Until next time…


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