Pan Seared Chicken and Potatoes

This is seriously the simplest chicken and potato recipe, you can ever make. Plate it to make it look all fancy, and you’ve got yourself a pretty fantastic looking meal!

How many times are you not in the mood to cook?
Seriously… I’m telling you, this will become your favorite dish to make… it’s so easy!!!

If you’re not huge on honey-mustard, play around with different dressings. I recommend a simple honey lemon, or basic lemon and EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), or add some citrus by using orange or grapefruit… the possibilities are endless!

I first made this recipe in the summer when I was first introduced to “New Potatoes” I was hooked on these lil tasty guys, but seeing that the harvest has changed, I just use Fingerlings or Yukon Gold potatoes.

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