Protein Bowl

If you are like me, I’d rather eat a tasty meal, than drink a protein shake¬†after working out, and prepping an easy post-work out meal will save you time on feeding that post-workout hunger pang.

Even if you are just looking for a clean way to eat, and upping your protein intake, this protein bowl recipe is not only super simple to put together, but you have endless options to create healthy protein-rich meals.

In my Protein Bowl pictured above, I have 59g of protein, including healthy fats from the avocado, and this honestly tastes great served warm or cold.

Packing this meal to go? try hard boiling the egg and slicing it instead.

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Here is a list of alternative ingredients you can sub to make your own protein rich post workout meal including Vegetarian and Vegan options…

1 cup Brown Rice = 5 g
1 cup Bulgur = 6g
4oz Grilled Chicken = 34.4g
4oz Turkey Breast = 20g
4oz Tuna = 28g
1 cup Soybeans (Edamame) = 29g
1 cup Lentils = 18g
1 cup Tofu = 10g
1 cup Tempeh = 15.6g

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