Santevia Alkaline Water Filtration Review

While I constantly mention the importance of drinking water throughout my posts, and the benefits it has on your health and well-being, I was introduced to this Canadian company based out in British Columbia, Santevia, and was immediately sold on their products!

After learning The Importance of Our Bodies pH Level, it only made sense that the very source which I… WE consume on a daily basis should be mineralized alkaline water.

At home, we have the Santevia Alkaline Water Sticks, Tritan™ Water Bottles and Alkaline Water Pitcher, which I will be reviewing in this article, letting you know of the great features (and benefits) these products provide.

So what is alkaline water?

Also known as Ionized Water, alkalized water has a pH level greater than seven, and is available through commercial or home water systems and sold in bottles (just be careful when purchasing bottled alkaline water, as some are known to be artificially alkalized).

By drinking alkaline water, it helps neutralize acid in your bloodstream.  It also boosts your metabolism and helps your body absorb nutrients more effectively.

What’s the difference between Santevia and Brita?

In my honest opinion, Brita filters should not be called filters at all; they do not kill microorganisms or bacteria, but simply neutralize the odor and the taste of tap water, providing no health benefits.

According to the Brita website, the pH level of the water ranges from 6.5 to 9.5, BUT is determined by the tap water’s pH before it is “filtered”.

Santevia water filtration on the other hand, raises the pH to 9+ and re-mineralizes your water with calcium, magnesium and other beneficial minerals.  Santevia filters have been been independently tested to reduce chlorine taste and odor, heavy metals, industrial chemicals and agricultural contaminants, which is found in tap water that is considered “safe”.

The Review…

Alkaline Water Stick

To me, this is the holy grail of Santevia products.

I get asked all the time “what is that stick in your bottle?” and I immediately turn into a sales rep explaining the benefits of drinking alkaline water and this magnificent product.

For any water drinker, whether you drink tap, or bottled, the Santevia Alkaline Water Stick is for you!

The price alone (at $14.99) is a great investment, as you get 1,000 uses out of it, or it lasts up to 1 year!

To use it, you simply submerge the stick in any water bottle and shake/stir for 30 seconds – that’s it!

The water will reach its optimum pH level within 3-5 minutes, and hold a pH level of 9.5 no matter how long you leave the stick in for!

Keep it in your purse, suitcase, gym or yoga bag, in the tube it comes in until ready to use.

Cleaning is super easy – simply place it in boiled water once a week, let it sit for 5-10 minutes and it’s ready to use for next time.

Not using it?  No problem!  It comes in a handy clear tube you can use to store it in.  When you are ready to use it again, simply “active” the stick by submerging it in boiled water and you are ready to go!

Price: $16.99

Tritan™ Water Bottle

I first bought the Tritan™ Bottle and Alkaline Stick combo (The Perfect Pair) and the bottle is just alright.

I don’t know if it’s me, but the only downside I find with this bottle is the mouth piece is large causing me to spill water on myself.

Maybe I have really small lips, but I managed to perfect my drinking technique by curving my upper lip up (kinda like making a duck lips), to avoid any spillage.

Apart from that, it’s a sexy sleek looking bottle (I’ve received many compliments using it), and the plus side is it conveniently fits into most cup holders, as I’ve found other water bottles to be too large.

The Tritan™ Bottles great features include: being BPA-free, hormone free, shatter and scratch resistant, is dishwasher safe and can withstand freezing temperatures.

Price: $11.99

Alkaline Water Pitcher

A great product to replace the typical water filters you find at your local stores.

It conveniently fits in the door of the refrigerator (unless you have a really tiny fridge), has a sturdy handle, and cool gripping at the bottom to avoid slipping and sliding.

The pitcher also has an easy to fill lid which opens and closes, and streams water out without splashing – both features are pretty cool if you are like me and are easily entertained! =)

The digital countdown clock also provides a convenient reminder of when the filter needs to be changed.

One thing to note is I noticed these little balls appeared at the bottom of the pitcher, which was a little alarming at first, but Santevia quickly assured that they are harmless particles formed by calcium precipitating out of hard water – so I just clean the pitcher when the water is low and *poof* particles be gone!

The pitcher holds 9 (8oz) glasses, and the filter lasts approximately 1,250 glasses, which works out to 80 gallons (300 litres) of water – that’s double of what other water pitcher filters last for!

Bonus: by using this pitcher, you are supporting the environment by eliminating over 8,300 single-use plaster water bottles every year! *BOOM*

Price: $49.99, $15.99 for a filter replacement (or $43.99 for 3)

Closing words

In order for us to be healthy, our bodies can neither be too acidic or neutral, so drinking alkaline water regularly can help prevent diseases associated with bone and cellular degeneration and normalizing blood pH levels.

Be sure to read my article on The Importance of Our Bodies pH Level.

I can attest that investing in Santevia products is cost effective and more importantly beneficial to my health and well-being, and can confidently say that you should take in on the greatness this company has to offer!

Have you tried Santevia products? Or do you currently use another alkalizing product? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Pamela White says:

    I’m just learning about drinking alkaline water and purchase the santevia stick. per the box you let it air dry when not in use. Do I have to let it air dry when I take it out of my bottle each time? If I leave it in the bottle the entire time (past the suggested 3-5) minutes?

    1. Hi Pamela.
      I apologize for the extreme delay (wow!)
      I’m pretty sure you figured out how to use the Santevia Stick after all this time, but to inform the other readers on your question…

      I personally leave my stick in the bottle for 2 – 3 days, until I need to wash the bottle and “re-energize” the stick through the boiling water process.
      When it’s not being used, that’s when it’s suggested to let it air dry and proceed to the boiling water process to activate it when ready for use.

      But no, you don’t need to let it air dry when you take it out.

      Hope that helps, and I hope you are enjoying the Santevia Alkaline Water Stick!

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