Self Motivation

Ever lack the motivation to do anything?
Working out, be social, deal with the kids, work.
We’ve all been there (are there), but the #1 key in getting your motivation back is doing something you want to do… that’s right – you!

Many people (myself included), tend to put others first, or completely slack in doing something for myself.

For example, for a while, I began to lose the motivation to do yoga (what the hell right?!)
Working from home, my routine became robotic and habitual.  It was wake up, let the pups out, prepare their food, wash the dishes, make breakfast for the hubby, check my email… and as soon as I sat down to work, that was it!

I could tell myself the night before “I’m going to do yoga in the morning”
Morning comes, I’m woken up by my big boy, with the “mom get up” stare, to let him out for his morning pee.  Habitually, I start washing the dishes and it’s a snowball effect from there.

Yoga became unmotivating as I had a bag full of excuses… “I have work to do” or “I have to make food for hubby”

It wasn’t until I noticed my imbalance by building negative feelings (anger, sadness, resentment), that I was like “ok, I really gotta do this for me”, and made that slight change in the morning by waking up earlier, to give myself that time.

You really need to think OF yourself – everything and everyone can wait.
If you really think about it, no one else is thinking about you, they are thinking of themselves (or they could possibly be unmotivated themselves, so they too appease others).

But the hubby can wait to eat his breakfast.  I work from home, and work is not going anywhere.

Another habit many people form, is setting restrictions to pursue things they want to do/achieve.
“I’m waiting till I…”, “I can’t do this until I do…”, “I need [something] so I can…”

The list goes on and on.
Don’t let something or someone stop you from what you need to achieve.

When you lack the willpower to do anything, it’s easy to attach yourself to many reasons and excuses for your unmotivated behavior, but you need to let it go… let all of those reasons, excuses… anything holding you back, and just let it go – like a blow in the air.

Now how do you make it happen?
Change your mind, change your life.

Meditation is great for this!
Even if you give yourself 5 minutes to clear your mind and focus on your absolute present moment, it will adjust your thought patterns, and reintroduce you to putting yourself first.

You become aware that everything you put before you, can simply wait.

Your self-awareness is the first step in making a change.
Be aware of those reasons, excuses and fears and overcome them by making a change for yourself – no one is in control of you, but you.

Be accountable for your decisions and choices.

Think about your daily routine, it’s probably the same mundane wake up, go to work, go home, sleep and do it all over again.

Now, by simply making the effort to add change by doing something you want to do – life isn’t so mundane, and you begin to no longer feel unmotivated *yay*

Don’t feel sorry for yourself, or complain and expect others to feel sorry for you.  This causes unnecessary anger and resentment towards others because you are unhappy with yourself.  Pointing the finger is usually due to your own insecurities, so buck up buttercup!

Be your own motivation, by waking up with determination in doing something for yourself.

Aside from losing weight, pinpoint the issue that is causing you to be unmotivated.
This could be someone or people you know; it could be other goals you have set for yourself.

Think about why they or it is the cause of you to be unmotivated.
(you will probably determine their actions or requirements that affect you)

Now think about your present moment, and what you need in order to move forward.
Whatever it is that you are unmotivated to do, you need to make that your #1 priority and work towards it.

Do things that will inspire you.
It only makes sense that in order to be happy and enjoy the process, you will want to be in the company of things / people that are positive.

To motivate myself to do yoga, I would watch more yoga videos, and read up on yoga blogs/articles/communities.
Once I immersed myself in yoga,  it triggered me to be inspired and want to do yoga.

Set a Goal
Say you need the motivation to lose weight (easy example).

Commit to “I will lose x-amount of weight in x-months” and be accountable to reach that goal by that date.
This will help trigger your brain in thinking that this new change is worthwhile, and becomes a habit.

You could even treat yourself to a spa day, or shopping spree … anything that you can work towards and get you to that goal!

So what keeps you motivated?  Leave it in the comments below.

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