Why am I Always Mad?

I consider myself calm and collected, but there was a time when I would always get mad, even over little things; and I began to question why… why am I always mad? If you’ve ever asked yourself the same question, or if family and friends pick up on your pissy aura, know that it is NOT…

Manifested Dis-Ease

Summer 2014, I noticed a change in my period, which would last more than usual, and turned to lasting 2 weeks… 2 weeks turned to a month, and Aunt Flow began coming and going as she pleased.

Dealing with Depression

It took some thought to share what I had been going through.
Mostly because I was your average happy, bubbly, high energy kinda-girl, and didn’t want to share this part of my life, however, that turned out to be the reason why I decided to share this part of me with you…