Tea Leaf Co Review

I actually came across Tea Leaf Co. by fluke, as I was searching for loose leaf teas that were organic, and local!
And wow what a find!
I am a tea drinker and I like my teas…. I know my teas, I have preferences, and dislikes, and Tea Leaf Co provides such a great selection of loose leaf teas.

I’m a chai kinda of girl, with a liking of green tea – so any sort of combination that includes either, I’m down for trying.

After placing my order, Tea Leaf Co founder, Stephanie (or Steph), sent a thank you email and offered to send a sample.  Dumb dumb me, chose a tea that wasn’t on the sample list, however, she was really kind to explain, and offered to send it anyway (thanks girl!)

So What is Tea Leaf Co?

An amazingly awesome loose leaf tea company, located in Toronto, and founded by uber friendly Stephanie, who started the company after an inspiring, soul-searching trip to St. Martin.

Tea Leaf Co teas are (as per their About Us page):

lovingly teagasm tested using the scientific ‘how much did it make you ooooOOOoooohhh’ system

Now, how many tea companies do you know, that takes your teagasm into consideration?!

Organic Tea You Say?

Organic loose leaf tea I say!
I’m not a fan of ground up tea in bags… I prefer seeing the bits and bites.  Call me visual, but it’s my personal preference on knowing what is in my tea, and how fresh it is.

Not only does Tea Leaf Co provide high grade tea that is grown in healthy soil, the company states it drinks wheatgrass smoothies, goes to the gym and everything! … so I mean, damn!

It’s also the QUALITY of ingredients in each blend, that make these teas taste so great!
The teas I purchased had no “natural flavoring” or “artificial flavoring” added, which I really think, ruins not only the taste of the tea, but the natural values and antioxidants a tea provides for our health and well-being.

all our teas are USDA and ECOCERT certified organic and contain only natural, organic compliant essences.  This means our products have zero artificial coloring, flavoring, and grown without being sprayed with pesticides and genetic modification

You can read more about The Difference in Our Tea on the company website.

Tea Lesson for the Day

When I’m out and order tea, I will ask if they use syrup or tea bags for their chai lattes.
Because, I don’t want to be drinking a cup of syrupy sugar with fake chai flavoring.

I was at a cafe, and noticed they had chai tea bags, but the server confirmed the lattes are made with syrup.
Maybe it was the tea snob in me, but I asked for my latte to be made with the tea bag instead, and the manager came over, impressed with the suggestion, as “they’ve never made a latte like that”… what?!

ugh… it’s so frustrating!

Tea Leaf Co Tea Blends

If you have a tea preference?  Tea Leaf Co offers collections which have an assortment of blends to choose from, including: Organic Chai, Organic Green TeaOrganic Black Tea, Organic Oolong, and more!

Ok look at this… Seduction Chai, currently my favorite…

Is that not a beautiful blend or what?
The product name is Seduction, could be the rose petals, however, to me it tastes like a warm bath.
Whether you take that as a sexy warm bath, or a calming, relaxing bath is totally up to you, but that’s how it tastes to me!

How Much Do the Teas Cost?

Prices vary from $5 – $14, BUT there is usually a sale, you can take advantage of.

Tea options come in Teaser Pouches, which are usually 20g, and Large Pouches that vary between 40g – 100g
… and each size gives you an estimate number of cups you get from a pouch, which is convenient!

Payment methods include credit card, and PayPal, which I personally find convenient, so I can pay directly from my bank account, or PayPal funds.

What About Shipping & Delivery?

Ok, first I want to address (no pun intended!), the packaging.

I don’t know if I built an imaginary kinship with Stephanie, during our few email exchanges back and forth, however, I felt the love and care that was put into the packaging when I opened that box!
– and I told her, so there is no weirdness here… plus I’m publicly expressing my appreciation!

Shipping is free within Canada AND the US, on orders over $49.
Otherwise, you are looking at very reasonable flat rates depending on the weight.

My Tea Leaf Co Order

As I mentioned, I ordered 6 teas, and received a free sample.

My order included:

Overall, I’m completely happy I came across Tea Leaf Co and will continue to be a customer until the day comes where I no longer can teagasm.

Alfie being the superstar he is (no lie, he has his own Instagram!), was even featured on the Tea Leaf Co facebook page!

Have you tried loose leaf tea from Tea Leaf Co?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Caryn s says:

    I am a huge fan of Tea Leaf Co and i can assure you that Stephanie truly goes above and beyond for her clients. I will have to check out seduction as i havent tried it yet!

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