Yoga Detox Retreat

I attended an amazing yoga/detox retreat hosted by Lisa and Adam at Drishti Yoga Centre.

It lasted only for the weekend (Fr i- Sun) and we stayed at a gorgeous cottage 2 hours north of downtown Toronto.

Besides eating some great organic meals, I was introduced to Juicing for the first time, practiced yoga and mindful meditation, along with being introduced to a morning routine of cleaning.

And if that weren’t enough, I was treated to the most unbelievable Thai Yoga Massage!

It was as I like to call it, an enlightening experience.

I learned that mindful meditation is ridding your mind of the “mental chatter”
Whether it’s things that trouble you; things from your past; things you wish to forget,
mindful meditation allows you to just be – without any judgement.

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a guided meditation, that I’ve ever gone within, and I recall after a session, I wept from how beautiful and connected I felt.

Everyone should take the time to be mindful… to take the time for yourself!

After not working out for a year, I regained the motivation to start when I got home.
I continued eating healthy with these wonderful recipes that were introduced to me, and motivated me to create my own yummy recipes; and as I discuss in My Kriya Cleansing Techniques post, daily morning routines included Oil Pulling, Tongue Scraping, Neti Pot and drinking Lemon Water, along with Dry Skin Brushing.
I also began meditating 1-2 times a week, for that me time.

I’d like to say the retreat was an epiphany to my “calling” persay, as I felt I needed to share what I experienced and promote living a healthy lifestyle, and alas, became the blog you see today.

The retreat was indeed a treat; I only wish it lasted a few days longer!

I managed to snap a few pics of the cottage we stayed at, and the area – it was truly serene, especially in the cold winter.

My Recommendations

While on the retreat, I was introduced and inspired by the following books:

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